Hargad Fort In Maharashtra:

Type: Hill Fort

Height: 4450 ft

Range: Selbari-Dolbari

Grade: Medium

District: Nashik

Food: Arrange of its own

Water: No drinking water on the top

Accommodation: Not available.

hargad fort



There are some remnants of the fortification on the top. Ruins of a temple, of the residential structures and a couple of water cisterns can be seen here. However, the water in these tanks is not potable and hence it is necessary to carry enough quantity of water.


A cave with a temple of goddess Kapaar Bhavani can also be found on the plateau during the fort-walk. Apart from these places there isn't much to be seen on the fort. One can either return by the same path to visit the Mulher fort or go back to the village of Mulher. The whole walk on the fort can be completed in an hour’s time.



How to Reach:


From Nasik travel to Satana, then Taharabad and finally Mulher village (about 134kms from Nasik).

Nearest Railway station is Nashik Road.