Cycle trail to Sweri mudflats in Mumbai on 18 October 2015

What's in it for ME?
- Early morning Cycle trail
- Photography
- Sweri fort visit
 Sweri Mudflats TreksandTrails
Cycling is now the most happening activity around Mumbai these days. With equal streets starting cycle price have started to pick up speed. Cycles in India have been for a long time. However its was some traditional manufactures who offered a few options. However now its all flooded with Chinese, German and American bicycle. For many its cycling for weight loss as cycling benefits have always been far better than sitting on a couch at home. We may not have cycling tracks in Mumbai. Yes we could take one of the many cycle routes Mumbai. As cycling around Mumbai on a one day cycling event will help yu burn those calories that you always wanted.
Call us and we could arrange for a cycle on hire for you.
Maximum cycle on hire?
Last date to register?
01 October 2015
TreksandTrails event details
06:00 Met at Bandra station
06:10 Introduction and orientations
06:15 Start cycle trail
06:45 Reach Sweri mudflats
07:15 Complete photography activity
07:30 Sweri fort
08:00 Start cycle trail back to Bandra
08:30 Cycle trail ends at Bandra station (west)
The route:
Bandra Station >> Mahim Koliwada >> St Micheal Church - via Lady Jamshedji road >> Sena Bhavan >> Dadar >> Hindu Colony >> Road No 16 >> BPCL Terminal >> Sweri Ford road >> Sweri mudflats
Cycling tips for beginners
If you follow these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike. These are a few tips - as more and more people nowadays have started to choose this healthy way to stay fit. Remember a good warm up is essential before you start your ride.
1. Protect your head. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all cycling deaths. Don't ride with headphones on.
2. Don't pedal in high gear for extended periods of time. When you pedal in a high gear it puts added strain on you knees.
3. Use your gears. When climbing hills shift into a gear that will help you without putting undue stress on your knees.
4. Get a proper bike fit and working in all aspects. Get the right saddle. As it will make or break your ride.
5. Change position while riding, this will keep your hands, arms and rear from getting numb due to prolonged time in a given position.
6. Know the rules. Ride with traffic and obey all road signs. Stay alert at all times
7. Keep your head up. Look out in front far enough ahead so you can react to any obstacles in the road or on the shoulder in front of you. If you follow these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike
Participant contribution will be charged at Rs 50.00 per person. Please pack your bag very careful considering the weight to carry on your back.
Includes: Assisted tour from Bandra railway station till Sweri and back, TreksandTrails charges if any.
Exclusion: Breakfast, Insurance is not included or offered for this event, any medical emergency. Any other item not mentioned in the included list
How to be a part of this cycle trail
1. Need to have your own Cycle in good working condition.
2. Helmet, safety gears like Gloves or Guards, Cycle Saddle Bag, Tool Kit is compulsory.
3. Head lamp and Rear LED light compulsory.
4. Puncture repairs KIT.
5. Reflectors are important and mandatory and act as a backup for your cycle.
What to carry for cycle trail
Identity proof
Wear comfortable shoes, Personal care medicines, wear cycling shorts and t-shirts, shades for eye protection.
Carry cash for personal expenses on the way. Carry drinking water (2 litres)
Small snacks like chocolate bars for instant energy, Electoral powder a few bananas.
Optional things that you may want to carry -Personal camera at your own risk, Bauf, Sunscreen.
TreksandTrails rules for cycle trail
1. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
2. Trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.
3. TreksandTrails reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the event without prior notice.
Disclaimer and Declaration
By joining on this trip as a participant you confirm to have read the rules and understand the nature of this group/event. Entering the group/event at our own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. By attending or joining this group/event, if any harm, injury, loss, liability or damage is caused to me or my property, I and/or any of my legal heirs and/or representatives shall not hold or its administrators and members and organizers of the group/event liable or responsible for the same. I hereby confirm that my participation in this group and cycling events, training rides, group rides and/or fun rides, whether formal and/or informal, that are organized and/or run by, and/or held under the auspices of,(“the cycling events and/or rides”) is entirely at my own risk and in the full appreciation of the inherent risks in such participation. I agree that neither any of its administrators, sponsors, ride and/or race marshals and/or officials, and/or committee and/or group members (“the Group and/or its administrators”) will be liable for any loss, mishap, injury, incapacity, disability, death and/or damage of whatsoever nature (the “Loss”) which may be suffered by me as a direct and/or indirect result of my participation in the cycling events and/or rides, regardless of whether or not the Loss is occasioned directly and/or indirectly by and/or through such participation and/or directly and/or indirectly by and/or through the acts and/or omissions of the Group and/or its administrators. I hereby waive and abandon my right to institute any claim and/or action against the Group and/or its administrators in respect of any Loss that I may sustain whilst participating in any of the cycling events and/or rides. I further agree that the Group and/or its administrators will not be liable to compensate me and/or any of my dependents for any Loss that may occur as a direct and/or indirect result of my participation in any of the cycling events and/or rides, and I hereby indemnify, and hold harmless, the Group and/or its administrators (as the case may be) against any claim that may be made against them by any party in respect of any Loss. I furthermore indemnify, and hold harmless, the Group and/or its administrators (as the case may be) against any claim which may be made against any of them by any party, arising directly and/or indirectly out of any loss, damage and/or injury caused directly and/or indirectly by me whilst participating in any of the cycling events and/or rides. The provisions of this waiver and indemnity shall be likewise binding upon my heirs, executors and/or administrators, as the case may be.

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