RoadTrip to Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh 25 to 27 December (Leaving Thursday night)

Type: RoadTrip
Cost: Rs 8000.00
Minimum Persons: 5
Maximum Persons: 11
About Burhanpur:
An ancient place Brighnapur and capital of Khandesh for about 200yrs. Also second Mughal capitol Burhanpur, having 5 Exclusive monuments of the world, where Begum MUMTAZ breathed her last and construction of TAJ was started, the only MOSQUE of the world having Sanscrit, Arabic and Urdu script in it, the only Granth Sahib of the world signed by 10th Guru Govindsinghji in golden ink, Daudi Bohra community’s famous DARGAH-E-HAKIMI, Worlds unique water system Khooni Bhandara working against gravitational law since 1615, biggest live fort of India and numbers of other monuments. Burhanpur is just 499kms. Away from Mumbai situated on central railway an overnight 9 hrs journey. Its major railway station and connected by superfast trains with every corner of India. Burhanpur is a district town of Madhya Pradesh situated in south west part, between Bhusawal Jn. and Khandwa Jn., Ajanta caves are 110 kms, Omkareshwar Jyotirling 110 kms, Seemadoh wild life sanctuary is 130 kms, Chikhaldara hill station 160 kms, Gajananbaba Shegaon 125 kms, Pal botanical garden 40 kms. etc. Nearest airports are Indore 180kms, Aurangabad 210kms.

Chal nikal pade 2 - RoadTrip to Rann of Kutch on 23 Dec to 27 Dec 2015 (leaving 22 December 2015, evening)

Calling travel enthusiast people, photographers and explores lets travel till the white Rann of Kutch.
About the trip:
This the second trip in the series where we plan a trip to a destination. It’s a total raw trip. Minimum 5 Participants required. There is not itinerary for this trip. It’s all unplanned trip. The idea is to let things take its own course. If statistics is to be believed India boast of 70000 km of highway roads. Driving all of that in this life is a challenge up for grabs.
Travel Summary:
Type: Private Vehicle RoadTrip
Cost: Travel cost to be shared equally amongst all the participants. Approx. Rs 13000.00 per person.

One day Trek to Ghangad and Telbelia (col) on 13 Dec 2015

About Ghangad / Telbaila
Height:3000 feet / 3322 feet
Time:Max.45 min from Ekole / Max. 45 minutes from Telbaila
Cost:Rs 1250.00 per person
Ghangad is situated on the western side of Mulshi river, which is called as Kobarse Maval. This fort is surrounded by Korigad, Telbaila and Sudhagad, but still lonely and separated. There is not much documentation explored about the history of the fort. Earlier it was with Koli Samant, then with Adilshah and later with Marathas.
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Telbaila was a watch tower built to guard over the Sahwashni ghat near Pali. It consists of two rock walls, the left and the right clearly differentiated by the col. in between. There is a temple of local goddess at the base of the twin wall. There are lots of ancient man-made water tank & caves at the base as well as on the climbing routes. Though not of much historic importance – the rock walls of Telbaila offer great rock climbing opportunities of technical grade.

Trek to Rajgad fort, as the name suggest "King of forts" on 05 - 06 Dec 2015

It is to the south-west 40 Kms from Pune. It boasts the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on any fort. He spent almost 25 - 30 years approx. Rajgad is famous for its construction. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. There are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla. Padmavati Machee (north end): This machee is the site of Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, Chor Darwaja, Pali Darwaja, Gunjavane Darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition), Diwankhana, Rajwada (ruins), Ghod Tale (Horse Lake), Sadar (office) and Dhalkathi (flag hoisting place).
Type:Hill Fort
Height: 4182 feet
Grade: Medium
Endurance: Medium
Cost: Rs 2200.00
Base Village: Gunjavne
Trek Leader: Mahadeo
More about Rajgad
Sanjeevani Machee (southwest/west end): This huge, beautiful and royally constructed machee faces west and has a three-stepped (layered) fortified structure. Each of the lower levels is separated from the higher one by a fortified bastion with a gate that could be defended independently. The lowest level is beautifully fortified by double curtain walls (chilkhathi) separated by a deep trench, on average 12 feet across. One can walk between these walls. The outer wall has openings to let soldiers out for sudden attack. 



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