Explore Burhanpur - Dakhan ka Darwaja – Historical city

About Burhanpur:
Burhanpur is a small town on the north western banks of Tapti river in Madhya Pradesh. Approx. 20 km from Maharashtra border. An ancient place Brighnapur and capital of Khandesh for about 200 yrs. The province of the Khandesh spread in area now known as Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Also second Mughal capitol Burhanpur, having 5 exclusive historical monuments of the world. One where Begum MUMTAZ breathed her last and construction of TAJ was started, the only MOSQUE of the world having Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu script in it, the only Granth Sahib of the world signed by 10th Guru Govind Singh in golden ink, Dawodi Bohra community’s famous DARGAH-E-HAKIMI, Worlds unique water system Khundi Bhandara working against gravitational law since 1615, biggest live fort of India and numbers of other monuments. Burhanpur is just 595 km from Mumbai. Situated on central railway an overnight 9 hrs journey. Its major railway station and connected by superfast trains with every corner of India. Burhanpur is a district town of Madhya Pradesh situated in south west part, between Bhusawal Jn. and Khandwa Jn., Ajanta caves are 110 Km, Omkareshwar Jyotirling 110 km, Seemadoh wild life sanctuary is 130 km, Chikhaldara hill station 160 km, Gajananbaba Shegaon 125 km, Pal botanical garden 40 km etc. Nearest airports are Indore 180 km, Aurangabad 210 km.

Bhaje caves - near Mumbai and Pune

Bhaja caves or Bhaje caves is a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located in Pune, near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The caves are 400 feet above the village of Bhaje, on an important ancient trade route running from the Arabian Sea eastward into the Deccan Plateau (the division between North India and South India). The inscriptions and the cave temple are protected as a National Monument, by the Archaeological Survey of India per Notification No. 2407-A. It belongs to the Hinayana Buddhism sect in Maharashtra. The caves have a number of stupas. The most prominent excavation is its chaityagrha (Cave XII), demonstrating prototypes of wooden architecture and a vaulted horseshoe ceiling. Its vihara (Cave XVIII) has a pillared verandah in front and is adorned with unique reliefs. These caves are notable for their indications of the awareness of wooden architecture. The carvings prove that tabla – a percussion instrument – was used in India for at least two thousand years. The carving shows a woman playing tabla and another woman performing dance. **** Source Wikipedia
Place to Visit around here:
Celebrity Wax Museum
Celebrity Wax Museum was founded by Sunil Kandaloor. A 38-year-old wax artist from Kerala. Located at a distance of 5 km from the destination in Lonavala, the museum was inaugurated by Minister Ramesh Shendge. At the museum, tourists can view wax images of Rajiv Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler and Oscar winner, Rasool Pookutty. The museum is also home to images of Saddam Hussein, Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi and MS Subbulakshmi. Image of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is the highlight of the museum. In addition to these, the museum is also home to images of Shirdi Sai Baba, and Jawaharlal Nehru, along with wax models of many famous musicians, politicians and social workers.



Bhigwan is a small town around 100 kms away from Pune and is also referred to as the “Bharatpur of Maharashtra”, as it becomes a hotbed of migratory birds during the winter. Bhigwan is at one end of the huge Yashwant Sagar reservoir, forming the backwaters of the Ujain dam. One of the main attractions during the migratory season is the arrival of the pink greater flamingos. During the months of early jan – late feb, this place is thronged by bird lovers from all over Maharashtra. Most of the bird sightings happen around two places, Diksal and Kumbhargaon. The reservoir is dozens of kms long. Maybe, there are more (and better) locations downstream




Diksal: Once you reach Bhigwan, you have turn left to go to Diksal. The “bird watching” place i.e. the waterfront is around 5-6 kms inwards. Ask for “Juna Phul” meaning “Old Bridge”. This is the spot where many birds gather and also the place to rent a boat to go into the waterways.

bird watching bhigwan kumbhargaon 05


Kumbhargaon: To reach this village, you have to drive ahead of Bhigwan for around 2 kms and look for sign boards saying “kumbhargaon” or “flamingo point”. There are multiple entry points to this village and we happened to choose the one with the “kuchcha-est road”, but the Xylo managed it with ease.

bhigwan02 dec2014-053m600

Plan your trip such that you are there before 7 Am. Even though it is winter, by the time it is 10 AM, it gets scorching hot and frustration starts creeping in if you have to wait in patience for the birds. If you are having a point and shoot camera or planning to take photo with a mobile, be ready for a big-time inferiority complex (if you are prone to it!). It is not uncommon to see “birders” here with lens longer and bigger than a typical walking stick. For better Photo the lens used was a 600 MM f4 and that costs 9800 USD!!! Many cars cost less! Anyway, whatever is the equipment, the photography is fun and it requires patience.The boating part from Kumbhargaon is fun.  Boating costs 100 Rupees per person. Leave alone the birds; you get more than your money’s worth in just the boating experience.The flamingos were very wary of approaching boats. But, probably they knew to differentiate between the locals and the ooh-aah noisy tourists with bazookas. They didn’t seem to mind the fisherman coming near them. You have to be at quite distance to avoid disturbing them, but good enough to the naked eye to catch the details. If you happen to catch a flock of flamingos landing, it is poetry in motion. The boatman also throws dead fish in the water to attract gulls. The gulls don’t seem to mind our company and you can get to see them pretty close this way. I also tried my hand at rowing, but gave up after the boatman gave a slight hint that my car parked at the distance seemed to mysteriously keep shrinking by the minute. One advantage of going in early was that the light was just awesome if you managed to get your subjects in the right position.

One can expect various types of Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Raptors and Waders along with flocks of hundreds of flamingos. The huge quantity of birds at Bhigwan increases the chance of sighting almost all the prime bird species there and also creates great photographic opportunities for wildlife photographers. The best part of these outings is that we are also including the famous Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in our itinerary. It’s a small patch of forest at Supa village, also known as Supa Grasslands and is a great place to observe and photograph the Indian Gazelles.

Sandeep Nagare (Boat wala): 99606 10615

Place around Pune

The backwaters at Bhigwan

flamingo bhigwan kumbhargaon 06

This IS the season to go to Bhigwan. Thousands of migratory birds come to the catchment area of Ujjani dam during winter when the water recedes a bit. The most famous attraction is the flamingos. Leave early, go on a boat and watch these beautiful birds in their full splendour.

Bhuleshwar Temple

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Bhuleshwar is a Hindu temple of Shiva, situated around 45 kilometres from Pune and 10km from Pune Solapur highway from Yawat. The temple is situated on a hill and was built in the 13th century. There are classical carvings on the walls. It has been declared as a protected monument.Bhuleshwar has a mythological & historical significance. Originally, it was a fort which was called as 'Mangalgadh'. It is said that Parvati danced for Shiva and from here they went to Kailash and got married. This place is crowded during Mahashivratri.The temple is also known for the folk-tale about it, when a bowl of sweet (pedhas) is offered to the Shiva Ling, one or more of the sweets disappear. Actor-travel writer Milind Gunaji writes about his experience with this in his book Mystical, Magical Maharashtra.The temple also has an idol of Ganesha in female attire. It is popular as Ganeshwari or Lambodari or Ganeshyani.Temple was built during the period of 1230 AD during Yadava Rulers. It is believed that the temple was ruined by Muslim invaders and reconstructed later because the entrance of the temple is hidden like Gaimukhi Buruj construction of Shivaji's time.

Parvati Temple



Parvati Hill is a hillock in Pune, India. The hillock rises to 2,100 feet (640 m) above sea level. Atop the hillock is the Parvati Temple, one of the most scenic locations in Pune. The temple is the oldest heritage structure in Pune and was built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. For visitors, Parvati hill is also an observation point that offers a panoramic view of Pune. It is the second highest point in Pune (after Vetal Hill). The hill has 103 steps leading to the top of the hill where the temple is situated.The main temple, Devdeveshwara, is made of blackstone. It was completed under Balaji Baji Rao, in 1749. Other temples are dedicated to Vitthal and Rukmini, Vishnu, and Kartikeya.Besides the temple, the Peshwa Museum is situated there. The samadhi of Balaji Baji Rao lies, where he spent the last moment of his life. Parvati water tank supplies water to the half of the city (Pune).

How to reach

From Mumbai to Pune

There are no flights between Mumbai to Bhigwan but there is/are 5 direct train(s) from Mumbai to Bhigwan. These train(s) is/are Siddheshwar Exp (12115), Hyderabad Exp (17031), Chennai Mail (11027), Bb Bjp Fast Pas (51029) and Fast Passenger (51027) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Bhigwan from Mumbai is 4h 18m. The cheapest way to reach Bhigwan from Mumbai takes you 4h 18m, which is to take Siddheshwar Exp from Mumbai to Bhigwan. The fastest way to reach Bhigwan from Mumbai takes you 4h 18m, which is to take Siddheshwar Exp from Mumbai to Bhigwan.


There is direct train between Mumbai and Bhigwan. You can take Siddheshwar Exp from Mumbai to Bhigwan

MUMBAI      ==>      BHIGWAN





4 h 18 m

Rs. 169


BY BUS                                                              

There is no direct bus between Mumbai and Bhigwan. You can take Purple Metrolink (Prasanna Purple) from Mumbai to Pune then take a taxi from Pune to Bhigwan






5 h 34 m

Rs. 1906


From Pune to Bhigwan


There is direct train between Pune and Bhigwan. You can take Siddheshwar Exp from Pune to Bhigwan

PUNE    ===>   BHIGWAN





1 h 38 m

Rs. 113



 Species found in Bhigwan

Pueple Swamphen

Ruddy Shelduck

Little Cormorant

Common Moorhen

Spot-billed Duck

Common Kingfisher

Small pratincole

Common Coot

White Throated Kingfisher

Glossy Ibis

Comb Duck

Pied Kingfisher

Black Ibis

Garganey Duck

Wire-tailed Swallow

Oriental White Ibis

Pallas Gull

Common Swallow

Asian Open bill Stork

River Tern

Red Rumped Swallow

Painted Stork

Gull billed Tern

Purple Rumped Sunbird

Woolly Necked Stork

Grey Heron

Yellow Wagtail

Common Sandpiper

Purple Heron

Grey Wagtail

Spotted Sandpiper

Pond Heron

Greater Flamingo

Curlew Sandpiper

Cattle Egret


Black Tailed Godwit

Median Egret

Western Marsh Harrier

Black Winged Stilts

Large Egret

White-breasted Waterhen

Northern Shoveler

Eurasian Spoonbill





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Solar Latern and Diwali distribution - Blog

We started this journey 3 years ago
Its been a awesome journey, meeting great minds on the way with tremendous learing and sharing happeing. I remember visiting people at their homes for collection just to make them belive this is real and genuine. The same team with a a few additions and deletions from last year had stood with us one more time. 
All the collection from western Mumbai was collected at Bandra. In huge blue jumbo bags. Each a ribbion for indication on them. 
Pink for the Ladies
Blue for the Men
Yellow for children
Simple marking was made just to make sure the transfer is smooth.
Then we drove from Bandra after we had loaded the pickup tempo with the collection to Mulund to load our collection from Central Mumbai. The entry in the village was grand. One tempo with the total collection, one bus of volunters.
Like always this events brings the best in us and in our contributors.
Some still do not fatham that what we collect is actually to be give free of cost as a gift for diwali. Hence prior to the event we sort the collection. 
Old v/s New
Useable to Unuseable
Clean v/s Dirty
Man v/s Women
Toys v/s Utensils

Surfy Roxxx!