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On 26 August, we embarked on our first trek with TreksandTrails . We boarded the tata winger from Bandra and reached Naneghat trek starting point at around 10.00 am. Naneghat is located in Maharashtra.

It was a wonderful beginning as we walked thru the forest we spotted birds such as: Drongo - Wind-swift - Common Bulbul - Maina - Shikra.

We also meet our other wigged friends the butterflies Sailor butterfly - Bush Brown butterfly - Crow butterfly - And the common yellow grass butterfly.

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Trek Near Mumbai

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana, the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. The name means "coin" and ghat means "pass". As this path was used as a toll booth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills. From the inscriptions in the caves indicate that Satavahana dynasty ruled here. Also the Mauryan empire.

Few inscriptions in the cave mention the names of their family members. Thou the carving are in runis now - some of the visible inscription tell us the time, achievements and stories of valour frozen in time. These records have helped historians to establish the historical past of this region.

We can approach Naneghat via Viashakhare or via Dahndya

Trek to Naneghat details:

Naneghat Type:                            Pass

Naneghat District:                         Thane

Naneghat Height:                          2750 ft

Naneghat Base Village:                 Viashakhare from Mumbai. Ghatghar from Pune.

Naneghat Region:                         Malshej

Naneghat Places of Interest:         A few beautiful rock caves, a huge toll collection pot. Nanacha Angtha

Naneghat Difficulty:                      Medium

Water availability:          Take sufficient quantity of water with you – water tanks are polluted

Combined Trek option suggested option:  Naneghat ~ Jivdan ~ Chavand ~ Shivneri

Best time to Trek:          June to December

Food availability:           Carry pack lunch or ready to eat plumb cake.

Naneghat Nearby Forts:                Jivdan 3754ft, Kukadeshwar/ Chavand 3495ft

Trek-o-meter:                 About 3 hrs climbing. Naneghat Trek difficulty depends on you.

Distance from Pune to Naneghat base : 130 km approx 4 hours of driving

Distance from Mumbai to Naneghat base : 135 km approx 4 hours of driving.

The trek was simple yet tedious walk and for some of us it was our first trek. We reached the top at around 12:30pm. The in one of the caves we had some light food that we had brought from home. It felt like heaven as all needed a good boost of energy. Post lunch we took a walk on the plateau till the highest point at Naneghat. We also saw the huge pot used in those days to collect toll. The trek route was all so very green with the rocks covered by wild fern (maidenhair and moss) we also saw some wild flowers like coxcomb, wild stage etc. We trekked our walk back, on the way back we collected 2kgs of plastic waste in an effort to clean the trek route. Thou there was still a lot can be done here. I am positive that we enjoyed every effort with a refreshing trek.

Leaving Naneghat with an urge for a new trek again.


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