Ratangad Fort Trek Blog

  • Hill Fort Ratangadh
  • Location Ratangad Fort Bhandardara
  • Ratangad Trek Difficulty Medium
  • Ratangad Fort Height 4255 feet
  • Base Village - Ratanwadi 
  • Base Village - Samrad Ghatghar 
  • Food Available Ratanwadi 
  • Many water cisterns are available at the top

Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratan means Jewel in Hindi. This hill fort is indeed jewel in all the hill forts here in Sahyadri. It is located in the district of Ahmednagar and is located about 4255 feet above sea level. It lies in the Ajoba mountain range surrounded by great mountains of Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katarabai, Ajoba and Ghanchakkar. Geographically Ratangad is at the banks of Bhandardara lake of Ahmednagar district. With views of lake and highest mountains in Sahyadri looks very much lost in time. This fort offers offers fabulous views of majestic Sahyadri ranges. Right from Katrabai till Sandhan Valley. One of the most beautiful forts in Flowering September, Ratangad seems to shadowed by yellow Sonki Flowers. Ratangad has still the remains of fort with bastions and stone walls. Cave on the top is cut from the rock face and can easily accomodate 25 people at a time. Water cisterns are usually filled with water throughout the year and trekkers use them as water source. Eastern side of the fort has some fortification left, one can see Rani mahal here. From the southern side on can see Katrabai and Ajoba fort very close. Climbing down the Nedhe to the western end of the fort leads closest to the Khuta pinnacle via Triambak Darwaja.


Ratangad Fort Images


Type: Hill fort

Region: Baglan Thehsil

Base Village: Bhilwadi

District: Nashik

Height: Mangi Peak 4343 ft, Tungi Peak 4366 ft.

Range: Selbari-Dolbari

Grade: Easy

Water: No water facility on the fort route, one has to carry water from the base village

Food: Food can be arranged at the base village Bhilwadi

Accommodation: Availabe at Dharamsala.

mangi tungi



Situated in Baglan tehsil , about 150 Kms from Nashik , Mangi Tungi is described as siddhakshetra which means it is a gateway to the state of enlightenment. The mythological tales assure those who are religiously inclined & who are seeking the path of enlightenment that more than 90 crore saints & celebraties such as Lord Rama & Lord Krishna had attained Moksha , the enlightenment at Mungi Tungi . Lord Krishna breathed his last & jettisoned his material body in the same area. It is further believed that his elder brother Balram , came out of the state of deep mourning after Lord Krishna's death & received paramadnyana ,ultimate knowledge which further helped him attain enlightenment at Mungi Tungi only.

Sandhan Valley Trek near Mumbai

Sandhan Valley Group

2015 Valentine!. Best of my life! Celebrated by Trek to the place most dreamt of, by trekkers - Sandhan Valley- The valley of Suspense, the valley of Shadows and one of greatest canyons..And best part is my 5 year old lil princess too did the trek!!.. 
Sandhan Valley Trek near Mumbai


The Treks and Trails Group funda is - " do the ordinary in an extraordinary way" - It truly proved and we experienced it.. 

Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley is truly valley of suspense as we were completely surprised with the route including below the rocks way, chilling water to be crossed and rock descending (normally rapelling is only once done to descend)-- here we did thrice.  Sleeping on the top of mountain - Star Gazing Night and the Cool Morning Breeze !! Wow was simply best and beautiful.


Sandhan India

Though tiring it was more of dazing experience. We had group from Age 5 to Age 52! . Kudos to treks and trails team (specially two Rajesh (gentlemen's) who made the trek for us with 100% safety. The time management was outstanding. Trek, Adventure Enjoy,and ready of next day routine work! 

Sandhan Valley 


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Overnight camping at Kalawantin durg trek a Double Delight

TreksandTrails for the first time conducted overnight trek to Kalawantin durg. This trek has one famous story that we always share when TreksandTrails goes trekking to Kalawantin. Overnight trek to Kalawantin was a going to be a different experience for sure. We decided to meet to Panvel ST depot at around 17:00 on a Saturday. But fate had lots of adventure in store for us. After we missed our bus - and not wanting to wait for the next bus which was at 18:30 our trek leader choose to take us by TUMTUM - our diesel auto ride till the base village THAKURWADI.

This 45min ride was a beauty - slow paced yet scenic. An opportunity to know each other beyond our names, and helped to set the right tone for this overnight trek to Kalawantin durg. With this huge open window from our tumtum we could see Irshalgad and Kalawantin - thou approach to both can be done from the same base village. The route from the base village is well sorted and has a gradual climb. As we started climb with the sun set behind our backs we gain height. With the setting sun giving Kalawantin durg a golden tint was any trekker’s delight. It took around 2 hours to reach the base village. Nilesh our host ensure a grand welcome - lime water tea left us with an awesome feeling. The night had just began. Bang opposite his house is a small plateau which could easily accommodate 20 tents. An excellent camping opportunity for large group sizes. dinner was simple yet superb. Trust me the dinner served was at least 3 course meal. The best part being it was unlimited, plus pickle with papad. After dinner we all gather on the plateau and did experience heaven. Shared memories and created new memories. Star gazing using Google maps and knowing the constellations. As a Mumbaikar usually we need to visit these trekking places around Mumbai to get close to stars. Best part was the water melon that we had under the open sky with twilight.


Velas Turtle Festival 2015

Why Velas Turtle festival 2015

Velas village, famous for the Olive Ridley turtle, a threatened species, nesting near Ratnagiri lies in the Arabian coastal region and is a good 5 hours drive from Mumbai.

This is not just another animal festival nor is it a festival where turtles are displayed or exhibited. It is a festival where you witness that first important journey of baby Ridley turtles. Yes, it is their first important baby steps as they crawl towards to the open sea – very important for the young female turtles, as once she turns an adult, she comes back to the same beach – to her birth place – to lay her eggs, sometimes the return journey for the female turtles can take as long as 15 years. But alas! As the mother leaves the eggs on the beach to hatch, it falls prey to predators like dogs, mongoose and even humans, thus endangering this remarkable species.

They say when God closes one door, he opens another. Thanks to the huge effort of the Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra to conserve the Ridley turtles along with the natural beauty of this village that shares the vast coastal line of India, these baby turtles live to return back to their nesting sites.

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra has been organising the “Velas Turtle Festival” every year since 2006 and this year too, due to their untiring efforts, we will witness the Velas Turtle Festival 2015. During the Velas Turtle Festival newly born sea turtle hatchlings are released into the ocean. The Velas Turtle festival 2015 is one of the most happening and most-talked event of the year in and around Mumbai, with hundreds of nature lovers and photographers eagerly awaiting its commencement.  The Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra along with the active participation of the local villagers from Velas has formed the Kaasav Mitra Mandal (literally meaning Friends of the Turtle) committee.

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Tandulwadi Fort Trek near Mumbai

My first visit to Tandulwadi fort was an experimental trek. Often hear about this trekking destination near Mumbai. As it was a new route and a new fort to conquer on a week day it was just two of us that set out. This was one winter morning we reached Saphale (western railway line). With the train service now extended till Dahnu those trekkers living along the western railway definitely have something to Cheer.  As forts in Palghar and Saphale are now just a hop skip and jump.  The train changing at Virar or taking the Surat passenger is history.

Surfy Roxxx!