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Diksal Waterfall Rappelling

Friday Waterfall Rappelling event was scheduled for our client from Thane Hiranandani Esate they had requested some place safe and with less crowd we choose Diksal Waterfall 

We started our journey by Bus from Thane - Airoli - Nerul - Kalamboli - Shedung Phata - Karjat Chowk Road - Took Left from Chowk Phata - Karjat Murbad Road - Bhivpuri Road 

With 35 people and Trek Leaders our bus was full and everybody in Picnic mood. All participants were playing Antakshri and Dumb Charades in the bus our ride was comfortable and quick we stopped for morning breakfast at Baba Dairy. 

Upcoming Event:

Diksal Waterfall Rappelling - Bhivpuri - 28th August 2016


We reached around 10 am at Bhivpuri our trek started from Highway as the village road was very small for our bus. There are many food stalls at Bhivpuri selling similar snacks for monsoon travellers. Trek Route is very easy it took us less than one hour to reach base of the waterfall. Crossing many small streams and enjoy with beautiful view of Dhom Dam this route is also used for Garbett Point Trek .

We walked along the Dhom Dam and enjoyed the beautiful views everybody had started clicking pictures to share on social media. After reaching the Waterfall our Trek Leader rappelled down and gave us instruction about the waterfall rappelling and cleared any doubts. Small Climb trek till the Waterfall Rappelling point started once everybody was geared up, We started Waterfall Rappelling one person at one time with help of our instructor Diksal Waterfall Rappelling went smoothly. 

It took few hours to complete waterfall rappelling for all participants. We started our return journey till Bhivpuri around 2 pm we all were very hungry our villager friend had cooked excellent lunch for us we all enjoyed it we could not thank him enough for this authentic home food cooked meal. Our return journey started for Mumbai started with happy memories. 

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Vihi Waterfall - Ashoka Waterfall 

vihi waterfall rappelling


Located Near Kasara Vihigaon Waterfall is famoulsy known as Ashoka Waterfall. A song sequence from the movie Ashoka was filmed at this waterfall. Vihi Waterfall is located 12 km from Kasara. We took early morning train till Kasara Railway Station from Dadar we reached Kasara around 9.00 am. There are many Jeep Taxi available from Kasara Railway Station to reach Vihi Waterfall. Jeep are priced reasonably can accomodate upto 10 to 12 people easily. 

It was raining very heavily when we reached Kasara it started raining more. We waited for sometime till the rains eased up and took Jeep till Vihigaon we had also booked waterfall rappelling at Vihigaon. The Drive is very beautiful with many small waterfall along the way. We stopped at a popular eatery Baba da Dhaba for breakfast. Roads on this highway are very good considering the amount of rainfall it receives. 

Vihigaon waterfall located in heavly forested area waterfall is mesmerizing. Vihi Waterfall is very popular for waterfall rappelling many tourist now visit it. Waterfall is just 5 minutes away from car parking. Local Grampanchyat is collecting modest entry fee and car parking fee. Vihigaon is very beautiful with a small stream and many check dams feeding the waterfall , rice fields and green grass and small mountains surround this beautiful village. 

Vihigaon Village doesnt have any restaurants for food or hotel for stay. Few local villagers provide food and place to change and toilets please inform them in advance when you reach Vihigaon. They will cook you simple but delicious meal. You can carry your own food and water. Vihigaon and Igatpuri are becoming very popular among monsoon tourist. 


How to Reach    Vihi Waterfall - Ashoka Waterfall 

Vihi Waterfall Local Train board Kasara Local Train available on Central Line starting from CST after reaching Kasara hire local Jeep Taxi till Vihigaon  

Vihi Waterfall Road Driving directions on NH3 take a left turn after 7 km from Kasara , after 5 km drive you will reach Vihigaon Waterfall

Nearest Railway Station Kasara station or Igatpuri station


Vihi Waterfall Images Gallery 

All Directions are easily available on google maps software


16 must visit events this 2016 Leap year.

Sandhan Valley trek:
Valley of Suspense for some or valley of Shadows for some. Starting at Samrad village ending in Dehne village. One of the best treks in the Sahyadri ranges. For veterans in trekking it’s a one day event. Experience boulders of all sizes and shapes. To enter the sacred Sandhan valley washing your feet is necessary :) If you could tip toe and walk over water without getting your shoes wet. Behold, the adventure has just began. Next is level up. Walking thru 3 feet of water. The best is this trek includes 3 inbuilt adventures. First a 40 ft rappelling patch. Then a wriggle like a snake ready to shred its skin to rock climb-down 5 step. Once this is done take some rest - have you lunch here. As sometimes there is small trickle of fresh water available to refill your water bottles. Next is a climb down to 35 ft. Just may sure the belay is secured. This trek ends besides a huge pond. Take a holy dip here. Walk form her to Dehne village is 3 hours.
Velas Turtle festival 2016:
TreksandTrails, India sincerely appreciates the great efforts been undertaken by local NGO - Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra, as they have borne fruit since 2002, each year all the nests on the western coast at Velas, Murud, Harnai, Dapoli and other sites are carefully protected and conserved to ensure both natural and human threats are reduced. All the eggs laid on the beach are collected and placed in a common hatchery which is barricaded from all sides and is guarded throughout the day. Average eggs laid by a female turtle is 100. The incubation time required for these eggs is between 50 – 55 days. 
Once the emerging of the hatchling begins, their moments creates small depression in the sand, these mark increase as the days go by. Thus experts can then determine the activity in the nest. One the hatchling emergence from the nest, it’s very important to release it into the sea. Hence each morning at 07:00 and evening at 17:30 - 18:00 the baskets covering the lid are open to check if any turtles have hatched, if they have they are counted and carefully laid in another basket and taken closer to the sea. They are then gently placed on the sand and they slowly make their way to the water. Their first baby steps are not only endearing to watch but also important if it is a female, as she records in her memory the site of her birth only to return here after 10 - 15 years to lay her eggs.

7 Photography tip – Group Photos – Blog

Photos and photography is connected with our lives lot more than we had originally imagined. I remember those good old days when owning a camera was a luxury. When events like school group photos and other parties a PHOTOGRAPHER was the most important person. Dates of his arrival were announced well in advance. Missing school on that day – no chance.
With the invention of cellphone / mobile phone and the introduction of camera soon this became a distant history. Of what I heard the latest phone comes with a dual camera and 42 MP (megapixels incase you are wondering. Soon selfie and groupie became a part of our everyday life. These picture with our near and dear ones is way to remember what a memorable time we had. Especially when you are outdoor, on an adventure, exploring, trekking. Here are few tips for a good or atleast better group portraits.
As a photographer, you shall see the frame first before its being clicked. So start by aligning people. Take extra care and do not hesitate. Things like elbows inside, chin up, SMILE. Depending on the mood at the moment. If it’s an easy fun atmosphere, let the same been seen in a group portrait. As a photographer, we need to ensure that each person in the frame is photographed well.