Trekking group Mumbai

Trekking group Mumbai

Mumbai has many Trekking groups who conduct Treks near Mumbai and other adventure activities like Rappelling, Rock climbing, Tiger safari, Night treks, Scuba diving, Nature trails, Hiking, Biking, Cycling there are many popular locations available within 100 km to 300 km to conduct these activities.


How to find Trekking Group Mumbai?

There are many website who offer Events on their website. – –

Facebook has many Trekking Groups our link


How to check credibility of Trekking Group Mumbai?


  1. You can speak with your friends who have attended Treks goto facebook or instagram find a group you would like to Trek with and check if you have a mutual friend who has joined the same group he can provide you good feedback.
  2. Check Trek Leader qualification and Experience ?
  3. Sometime few friends will post events on websites and take anybody willing to join check how many events they have conducted do they have a qualified Trek Leader?
  4. Check Group size of participant coming on treks along with you ?
  5. Check how many Trek Leader are coming if group size is above 10?
  6. Trekking Groups who conduct events regularly will draw good numbers due to following and credibility they will also manage the event better from past experience
  7. Check if they have website ?
  8. Check if they are associated to any mountain climbing association ?


How to choose a Trekking Event ?


  • Check you physical ability trekking involves walking for long hours you need good physical condition to complete it
  • Weather is crucial many Trekkers prefer monsoon season though Rock Climbers prefer winter season and Tiger Safari summer is ideal
  • Night Trek are more enjoyable in winter and summer
  • Carry your medicines incase you have some conditions


How to find trekking route for solo treks ?


Many blogs are available online which offer maps and detailed route description use google earth to evaluate the maps – Good List for Forts


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