Laling Fort

Type: Hill Fort

Height: 1995 feet

Range: Gaalna

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Laling Village

District: Dhule

Food: Not available

Water: Available but unfit for drinking

Accommodation: Available.

Time to Reach: 45 minutes from base village



It’s an old and ruined fort occupying the top of the hill. It is a place of considerable antiquity and the fort is supposed to have been built duringtheregion of Malik Raja Faruqi, which subsequently granted to his eldest son. It was in this fort that, Nasir Khan and his son Miran Adil Khan were besieged in 1437 by the Bhanrani general till they were relieved by an army advancing from Gujarat. Also, there are two temples of Hemadpanthi styles and are also in very much frayed condition. This ancient fort is believed to have built during Faruqui Kings and is now in ruined condition.

There are two main parts of the fort – Citadel and Summit. Just before the devastated entrance gate of the fort there are rock cut caves to the left. Some of them can be used for stay. To the right of the entrance one can see a sculpted tiger on a rock. Moving ahead from here we come across the fortification wall which is still intact and some bastions to the right after a short ascend. Moving back to the entrance gate, proceed on the path which is beneath the gate that leads to the fort summit. After 20-25 steps on the path towards left we come across some water tanks cut in rock. Although the water in it is potable but it stinks a bit. There are few more water tanks further on the same path and the summit/open area of the Citadel starts a few steps from here. The summit is well protected by fortified wall from all sides and some parts of the wall have carvings. The surface of the summit is elevated at one side where there are built in caves.

How to Reach:

By Train: Nearest Railway station is Dhule and Mohadi.

By Air: Nearest airport is in Aurangabad and then by road 126 km.

By Road: 291 km to Dhule.

Places to see Nearby:

  • Amali
  • Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhamer
  • Bodgoan
  • Ekvira Devi Temple, etc.

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