Kaas Plateau – Plateau of Flowers

Situated 26 km away from Satara in Maharashtra is a beautiful plateau which receives heavy rain fall and gusty winds during monsoon. From September to October every year many wild flowers bloom together forming a carpet of colors. Kaas Plateau has many flowers which are medicinal and unique to this plateau. It is a World Heritage Site sadly there is no restriction on visitors or photographers you can visit the place by paying a nominal charge which is leading to its destruction.

Best time to visit Kaas is during September all the flowers would be blooming and leave you mesmerized. It is frequented by many photograpers who are interested in macro and landscape photography oppurtunities. Weekend should be avoided to visit Kaas Plateau. All locals and tour organisers rush at the same time leading to traffc jam you will see more people than flowers. A local guide or naturalist guided tour is recommended it will help you spot different flowers. Some locals have started offering services and take you to spots where you can spot the rare and endangered flowers.

Dr Sandeep Shrotri president of NGO Ranwata Society at Satara a local resident has spent more than two decade identifying and researching flowers at Kaas Plateau he has written many informative books which are available at BNHS Hornbill House Colaba. Photographers and Social Media has elevated Kaas Plateau status as a dream paradise which has led to influx of tourist and locals during blooming period which is leading to pollution at Kaas Pathar and Degradation of Kaas Plateau.

Kaas Offers a wide variety wild of flowers most of them are very small or tiny and would need a flower magnifying glass. Goverment has launched a website to control number of visitors and would be issuing passes soon though no date has been confirmed. Kaas Plateau has more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses. The orchids bloom here for a period of 3–4 weeks during august to october season.

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